The Discourse Gap

Thomas A. FireySep 11, 2013

Earlier this week, Paul Krugman wrote of a “wonk gap” between Republicans and “conservative ‘experts,’” and their political and philosophical counterparts.

Maryland Should Support Education Innovation

Marc KilmerNov 28, 2012

Maryland has great schools, we are told. And yet, as Marta Mossburg has pointed out, quite a few of the graduates from these “great schools” need remedial education. While the state has some good schools, it also has areas that are plagued by poorly performing schools. The state needs to allow more innovation for education. Focusing on schools that can tailor their education to meet student needs is a far better idea for improving education in Maryland than throwing more money at our school system.

Too Little Education about School Spending

Marc KilmerNov 12, 2012

Most Marylanders think that the state government spends “too little” on public education, at least according to a recent poll. But what does that mean? How much would be enough? All too often, the public education debate focuses on how much money is spent without focusing on what that money gets us. This poll simply reaffirms the poor state of the education debate in this country, but attitudes like those expressed in the poll are dangerous to both taxpayers and students.

A Special Session Wish List

Marc KilmerAug 15, 2012

The special session on gambling is over. While I support the overall goal of allowing people the right to play games of chance, the legislation that achieves this is pretty flawed. But I’m having a hard time getting excited over this issue. It seems our state policymakers spend a lot of time on issues that are of dubious importance but ignore the more pressing issues facing our state. There should be special sessions that tackle the state’s real problems. Here’s my wish list for these special sessions (which almost certainly won’t happen):

The Maryland Journal

John J. WaltersApr 19, 2012

Last year, we had the crazy idea to put out a scholarly journal (on top of our other policy work) entitled The Maryland Journal. This year, because we are gluttons for punishment (why else would we continue to advocate for limited government in Maryland?), we’ve done it again. And so, I am pleased to announce that we now have a new edition of The Maryland Journal available online as of today.