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Greening New York's Subways

Alison LakeDavid Biello
Jun 14, 2006

Public transportation saves energy. Instead of individually consuming hundreds of gallons of gasoline, if not thousands, the great mass of workers in Boston, Chicago or New York commute powered by electricity or efficient diesel engines. Saving fuel and other environmental economies are thus embedded in the very way the municipal authorities charged with mass transit do business. So it comes as no surprise that New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has an ambitious plan to "green" its operations.

What You Need to Know About Climate Change

Alison LakeDavid Biello
Jun 12, 2006

For those confused by the seemingly sudden change from skepticism to certainty about our warming world, Tom Brokaw has the answer: an overwhelming preponderance of evidence.

Trapping Carbon, Freeing Coal

Alison LakeDavid Biello
Jun 5, 2006

There is a lot of carbon in the ground. For eons, life forms ranging from microbes to Homo sapiens have trapped the element as part of their fundamental molecular makeup, died and cycled it into the great geologic chain of carbon. Some of that carbon has been recycled into descendant organisms and soil, and some has been transformed by temperature, pressure and time into coal, natural gas and oil--the fuels of our modern economy.

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